Chemical peels are an excellent way to take away so much of the dirt, oil, and toxins that build up on your face, allowing you face to “start from scratch” and heal in a refreshed way.

The VI peel is from the Vitality Institute, a provider of pharmaceutical-grade skin rejuvenation products. Each facial peel is professional strength, so you’re getting so much more than you ever could from a home chemical peel or standard glycolic acid peel. These skin peels not only remove dead skin; they also stimulate growth of skin cells with peptides and natural chemicals. Depending on the level of treatment you need (and the time since your last facial peel), we can use different levels of the VI product, from very mild to extremely strong.

The professionals at our skin care clinic will make sure you get the exact treatment you need. Contact us and set up a chemical peel that will leave you looking fabulous!